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trial started when he changed his account, admitting he had caused the fatal injuries. (Reuters) (CNN) In Kenya, clashes between Kikuyu and Maasai in the Rift Valley have led to at least 14 deaths. (IAfrica) (Reuters) Brazil offers to mediate between Colombia and Venezuela in a disagreement about the capture of Rodrigo Granda. U Technical 13 ( e t c ) 20:06, (UTC) Wilayats of isil Would it possible to add all the titles listed at WP:rfpp rather than trying to protect each one. Sources said detectives in the case had received little help after requests for information were sent through Interpol to their Saudi colleagues. (Reuters) (CNN) (LA Times) In Chile, former head of secret police, general Manuel Contreras, is sentenced to 12 years in jail for the 1975 disappearance of left-wing activist Miguel Angel Sandoval. (Al Bawaba palestinian militants allegedly misfire a, qassam rocket and kill a Palestinian girl. (Reuters) (BBC) In France, teachers and civil servants join the growing numbers of strikers to protest over job cuts in the public sector. ) Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Eastern Newt Notopthalmus viridescens Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/John Trumbell's Declaration of Independence Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Marlon Brando from A Streetcar Named Desire Wikipedia:Featured sound candidates/Hunters' Chorus from The Lily of Killarney Wikipedia:Featured topics/ Phedina Wikipedia:Featured topics/ The Office (U.S. (IAfrica) (IOL) (Guardian) In India, priest Sri Jayendra Saraswathi, his deputy Vijayendra Saraswathi and various other people have been charged for murder. "Admins killed in Afghanistan etc. Fighting broke out apparently when Indonesian troops attempted to escort aid trucks. Some nations observe a moment of silence with candles and white roses for the at least 150,000 dead and 5,000,000 left homeless after the 26 December tsunamis. The prince then spent hours on the phone to a mysterious contact in Saudi Arabia trying to work out how to cover up what he had done. Tiff" Thanks, Andy. (BBC) Qassam rocket fire hits Sderot, wounding 6 people, a 17-year-old Israeli woman suffered critical wounds. Bush, 251 for Democrat John Kerry, and 1 for Democrat John Edwards, leading to Bush's reelection. ( talk ) 23:50, 14 September 2016 (UTC) I've unprotected those pages, so go for it  Martin ( msgj talk ) 08:07, 16 September 2016 (UTC) Thank you! The pair lived a life of idleness, getting up in the afternoon and perhaps squeezing in a shopping trip to Selfridges or Harrods before moving on to dine at eateries such as Nobu and drink at trendy celebrity night-spots. Vanjagenije (talk) 23:01, 28 February 2015 (UTC) I'm hesitant to add it to the blacklist unless there's additional occurrences. To the titleblacklist and will need to be created with an appropriate text still needing to be determined. User:Koeppl10/ Xanthomonas oryzae.


Real Amateur First group sex full film. Sixth o f March 15:21, (UTC) Blacklist addition request Alexander Asiedu and Alex Asiedu have been deleted at least once under each name, and Draft:Alexander Asiedu has just been recreated for a second (or third) time. I've semi-protected the page, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone is working at getting autoconfirmed so they can re-add them, given that attempts to add him to Wikipedia in general have apparently been going on since 2014. Army expects to keep 120,000 soldiers for at least two more years in Iraq, according to the Army's top operations officer,. For the first time since 1877, the electoral vote certification in Congress was interrupted by a formal challenge to an entire state's Electoral votes. (Haaretz) Hamas has said that its meeting with President Abu Mazen was " positive but has not indicated if an agreement on a cease-fire, or Hudna, has been made. Anyway, there doesn't seem to be much point in making a request on this page - I haven't seen a response in over 3 months. (BBC) United States : Hajj : Pilgrims on Hajj celebrate Eid ul-Adha in Saudi Arabia, and prepare to stone the pillars that represent satan, and eat meat of a newly killed animal, while giving meat to those less fortunate as qurbani. Please try another username that complies with policy. They rejected his earlier suggested cabinet four weeks ago (AllAfrica) (Reuters Alertnet) (BBC) Venezuela recalls its ambassador to Colombia because of the disagreement over capture of farc member Rodrigo Granda (BBC) Malaysia and Singapore have agreed to a truce on the. (Afrol) (Reuters) (BBC) In Burundi, government forces and members of various armed groups begin to join to form a national army. (Haaretz palestinian militants fire four Qassam rockets at the. Elsewhere, Eduardo Parente, a gay barman at the Purple Bar of the Sanderson Hotel, said the prince flirted with him and suggested they meet socially. Stradivarius, The Anome, Xaosflux, Quiddity, MZMcBride, Legoktm, and Stefan2 : What say thee? (BBC) Hajj : Around two million Muslims from around the world are converging on Mount Arafat for the most important day of the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. A Sudanese general states that the protestors were looting and inciting violence against his men. Xaosflux Talk 21:54, (UTC) Blacklist username Can someone blacklist usernames beginning with "CiCiDubs" (see: Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/CiCiDubsE1 ). Senator Barbara Boxer, lead to a 2-hour debate. Steel1943 ( talk ) 00:46, (UTC) OK, I put them both in, and will contact the operator-again  - xaosflux Talk 00:51, (UTC) I didn't got that there was a second category to stop creation. He was declared fit for trial despite a hunger strike. There are reports that the United Kingdom says it will send in 1500 soldiers to maintain peace.

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  1. Guards shoot dead four Iraqi prisoners following an alleged riot at the Camp Bucca prison in southern Iraq.

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